Canada Life


Five Year
Fixed Mortgage Rate

Key Details

Rate Hold 90 Days (Dec 21)   
Payment $1866 (Customize)   
Prepayments 15% / 15% + Optional Double-Up   

Mortgage Info

Rate Hold 90 Days (Dec 21)
Lump Prepayments 15%
Payment Increase 15%
Double-up Payments Yes
Permitted Loan-to-Value Up to 80%
Pre-approvals Yes
Provider Type Insurance Co.
Provinces Served National

More Details

Minimum Mortgage Inquire
Max Property Value $1,000,000.00
Open No
Max Amortization 25 Years
On Ratespy Since May 29, 2018

Rate History

Last Updated Sep 15, 2020
Previous Update Aug 14, 2020
Prior Rate 2.15%
Latest Rate Change -0.16%
Rate ID # 3897

Payment Information

Mortgage Amount
Amortization (years)
Monthly Payments

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This rate is:

  • The 21st-lowest 5-year fixed rate as of September 22, 2020
  • Ranked 234 out of 2930 rates for popularity.


Provider Notes

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Rate Notes

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