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HELOC Mortgage Rate

Key Details

Rate Hold 120 Days (Nov 16)   
Payment $1866 (Customize)   
Prepayments 100% / 100%   

Mortgage Info

Rate Hold 120 Days (Nov 16)
Lump Prepayments 100%
Payment Increase 100%
Double-up Payments No
Permitted Loan-to-Value Up to 80%
Pre-approvals Yes
Provider Type Bank
Provinces Served National

More Details

Minimum Mortgage Inquire
Max Property Value Inquire
Open Yes
Max Amortization 999 Years
On Ratespy Since May 29, 2018

Rate History

Last Updated Jun 08, 2023
Previous Update Jan 25, 2023
Prior Rate 7.20%
Latest Rate Change +0.25%
Rate ID # 3010

Payment Information

Mortgage Amount
Amortization (years)
Monthly Payments

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Provider Notes

Apply now! Tangerine is one of Canada's biggest online lenders, and a subsidiary of Scotiabank

Rate Notes

Maximum loan-to-value of the revolving portion if 65%. You can add a Tangerine amortizing mortgage portion for another 15%, for 80% loan-to-value total.
Tangerine's HELOC is available in first position only.

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