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Manulife Bank of Canada Mortgage Rates

Below are the lowest mortgage rates that RateSpy is tracking for Manulife Bank of Canada. Always confirm the exact up-to-date rate and terms directly with the provider itself.

Notes on Manulife Bank of Canada

Manulife Bank of Canada, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Manulife, was established in 1993 and was the first federally regulated bank to be opened by an insurance company in Canada.

It is a Schedule I federally chartered bank with more than $23 billion in assets.

The bank is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario and serves customers nationwide. While there are no brick and mortar branches, Manulife Bank distributes its products and services through a network of more than 200 mortgage specialists, as well as mortgage brokers and independent financial advisors across the country.

The majority of the bank's loans are residential mortgages, with about 30% being insured and 43% being uninsured.

One of its marquee mortgage products is the Manulife One, an all-in-one mortgage, line of credit, chequing and savings account. Aside from being a simplified way to manage multiple accounts, one of its biggest selling points is the potential to combine all of a client's debts and reduce their interest costs.

Manulife mortgages are available through its retail advisors, financial planners and mortgage brokers.

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