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What Will Canadians do With All Their New Equity?

Millions of Canadians have “won” the Canadian housing lottery in the last year. Of the three quarters of homeowners who have owned for more than five years, they’ve amassed over $175,000 of equity, on average. Many, including those most able to spend their equity, have accumulated far more thanks to incessantly rising home values. “Canadians have never had this much...

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Mortgage Rates: Give Them Time

Bond yields have sunk this month. And it’s taken no time for skeptics to pronounce that inflation fears are therefore unfounded.

Is the BoC Not Telling Us Something?

There’s a widening chasm between what the Bank of Canada is telling Canadians about inflation and what corporate leaders expect. The following chart ain’t pretty, and it contrasts starkly with the BoC’s inflation outlook. This graph from CFIB shows that businesses now plan to boost prices by 4.7% in the next 12 months. That is not only 135% more than...

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Key Government Rate Falls to 3-Month Low

. One truth in economics is that mortgage rates typically follow inflation expectations, at least over time. That eventually poses a problem for borrowers, particularly after consumer prices take flight, like they have this year. U.S. core inflation, for example, recently jumped the most in four decades, 0.9% on a monthly basis. That “was well above what I and outside...

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