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First-time Mortgagors: Taking it on the Chin

The Mortgage Report: April 5 Many modest-income Canadians who have never owned a home may never own a home, at least not an average home. That is, unless they can live almost anywhere (work remotely, for example), and/or they’re buying with someone else (e.g., a significant other). Here’s why… First-time homebuyers now expect to pay $433,000 on average, according to...

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One Stress That CMHC Didn’t (Publicly) Test

Our national housing agency wants to put your mind at ease, sort of. CMHC published its annual stress test this week. Its report claimed CMHC would remain solvent barring a catastrophic scenario entailing: a 48% home price crash, 25% unemployment, and no government intervention (full details here). The report made headlines across the media, as unlikely as some of its...

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