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Soaring Prices. Mortgage Fallout: RateSpy TV

This week on RateSpy TV: Sky High Prices & Your Mortgage:Big-city home prices are going orbital. That’s making it harder to score a mortgage approval. The Spytells you how hard. CheckYour Broker:A tiny fraction of mortgage brokers are not on the up and up. Regulators have now made it easier to find them. But here’s the rub, the government’sdone nothing...

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Rate Discounts Shrink: RateSpy TV

This week on RateSpy TV: Conventional Rate Discounts Squeezed:If you’ve got 20% to 34.99% equity, the lowest available rates have risen. The Spytells you why. NEW! Refinance Finder:The best mortgage rates on refinances are not the same as the best rates on purchases and switches. Most rate sites don’t differentiate between them.’s new refinance filter finds you rates that...

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Spring Mortgage Deals & The Fed Hike: RateSpy TV

This week on RateSpy TV: Spring Mortgage Market Begins: Meridian Credit Union kicked the spring market into gear with the first notable rate saleof the season: 1.99%. We pull out themagnifying glass andexamineits pros and cons. Fed Hike on Deck?: Fed futures are pointing towards a U.S.rate increase next week. But what does this mean for rates on this side...

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Mortgage Rule Backlash & Wider Fixed-Variable Spreads: RateSpy TV

This week on RateSpy TV: Rate Impact from the LatestMortgage Rules:Federal MPs have been interrogating government officialsover their new mortgage policies. We dig intohow the controversyaffects your rate. Fixed and Variable Rates Diverge:Like the song goes, “you gotta keep ’em separated.” But are spreads now wide enough for you to float your mortgage? The Spy breaks it down. Rate Surveillance:Market...

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HSBC’s 2.35% Rate & BMO’s $1,000 Cashback: RateSpy TV

This week on RateSpy TV: HSBC’s sizzling 2.35% 5-year Fixed: We’ll tell you if it’s too hot, how HSBCcan price this low and how long this killer-special may last. BMO’s $1,000 cashback promo:Cash isnice but first-timers betterthink twice. Rate Surveillance: What do market rates needto do to make new highs? Stars & Dogs: The best and worst mortgage termsof the...

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