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RateSpy does not sell your personal data and does allow third parties access to it. Period. And we never will.

It is kept hidden and secure and is used for two purposes only:

1)  To send you the rate-related information you specifically request or indicate a preference for, including but not limited to RateSpy newsletters and RateSpy rate alerts. (You can unsubscribe at any time.)

2)  To create anonymous aggregate market data for reporting to consumers–such as you–and businesses. (Example: If you live in Ontario and search for 5-year fixed rates, we’ll anonymously count your search along with all the other 5-year fixed rate searches in Ontario in order to determine how popular 5-year fixed rate searches are in Ontario.)

In short, your data is your data and we consider it highly classified.

For additional information related to privacy, or to ask a question, contact us.