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Compare Monthly Payments – New!

It’s often helpful to know how much extra interest you’ll pay with a higher rate, a bigger mortgage, shorter compounding and/or a longer amortization. Now, the Spy makes that easy with an all-new monthly payment calculator. This tool lets you: Compare three different mortgages Instantly find the lowest cost option View interest cost over the term and amortization Check your balance at...

The Mortgage Rate Widget – New!

Mortgage rate widgets are no longer created equal. If you want to display mortgage rates on your website, do your visitors a service and display the best mortgage rates available. Only one mortgage rate widget in Canada makes that possible: RateSpy’s. Other rate widgets primarily show the lenders and brokers who pay to promote their rates. That does your visitors a...

New Feature: Email the Best Rates

You can now email the Top 10 rates you find to anyone you like. Simply click the “Email Rates” icon on the homepage and away you go. The rates emailed are based on the rate search criteria you set. This new feature is part of the Spy’s redesigned and simplified rate search controls. We hope you like!