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Two Year
Fixed Mortgage Rate

Key Details

Rate Hold 120 Days (Oct 21)   
Payment $1866 (Customize)   
Prepayments 15% / 15% + Optional Double-Up   

Mortgage Info

Rate Hold 120 Days (Oct 21)
Lump Prepayments 15%
Payment Increase 15%
Double-up Payments Yes
Permitted Loan-to-Value Up to 95%
Pre-approvals Yes
Provider Type Bank
Provinces Served National

More Details

Minimum Mortgage Inquire
Max Property Value Inquire
Open No
Max Amortization 30 Years
On Ratespy Since May 29, 2018

Rate History

Last Updated Jul 19, 2023
Previous Update --
Prior Rate 7.64%
Latest Rate Change -0.25%
Rate ID # 2749

Payment Information

Mortgage Amount
Amortization (years)
Monthly Payments

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Provider Notes

Scotiabank is Canada's third largest bank.

Rate Notes

Please note, this is not the bank's official rate. This rate reflects RateSpy's estimate of the typical "discretionary rate" made available to certain well-qualified borrowers who obtain a mortgage from one of Canada's top six banks. It reflects our estimate of typical bank rates for this term, based on common industry discounts from posted rates and intelligence we gather from mortgage advisors in the field, including those at this bank. Such estimates are subject to error and in many cases your actual rate at the bank may be higher or lower. This rate is not meant to apply to those who are ALREADY customers of the bank and wish to renew or refinance with the bank. This estimated rate applies only to those who are purchasing or refinancing an owner-occupied home. Surcharges may apply to rental financing, extended amortizations, non-standard properties and those with imperfect credit, among other things. You must confirm the actual rate directly with the bank. The update date reflects the date that this lender's posted rate last changed, which is different than the *discretionary rate* shown here. The discretionary rate you see here may have changed after this date.
All mortgage applications are subject to meeting Scotiabank's standard credit criteria, residential mortgage standards and maximum permitted loan amounts.

By clicking "Ask Question”, I give permission to RateSpy to transfer my information and contact details to third party brokers in order to complete the purchase of mortgage rates. RateSpy values your privacy. For details, see our privacy policy. Mortgage rates listed are subject to change at any time and apply to those with approved credit. Please contact the mortgage provider directly for more information.