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Premium Exposure Package offers 100% free mortgage rate listings to all lenders and brokers that meet its basic criteria. But for those who want maximum visibility, branding and lead conversion, the Spy offers the Premium Exposure Package (PEP).

This bundle includes all of the following:

  • The “Tie breaker” — Your rates appear on top in the case of ties with non-PEP providers
  • Optional Call-to-Action buttons — Which encourage mortgage shoppers to contact you directly, by phone, email or a visit to your landing page.
  • Local rate listings — Your rates will appear on all applicable RateSpy city search pages, based on the postal code(s) of your registered office(s)
  • Your logo on all of your rates — i.e., On each of your rate listings and in your Rate Details windows
  • A free rate page for providers without their own rate pages (optional)
  • Custom Provider Notes with your own messaging (maximum 200 characters)
  • A direct link to your website
  • Detailed visitor tracking to see how many people are viewing your rates, clicking for more details and attempting to contact you.
  • One high priority feature request every 12 months (subject to technical feasibility).

The Premium Exposure Package is available now for just:

  • $299 per month for Ontario listings
  • $249 per month for B.C. listings
  • $199 per month for Alberta listings
  • $99 per month for all other provinces

That’s a fraction of the cost of one client acquired from competing rate sites.

Stand out from the crowd. Get premium exposure today!

*For providers licensed in multiple provinces, the monthly fee would be based on the highest applicable subscription amount.