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We spy on the best mortgage rates in Canada 24/7, helping you compare mortgage rates from virtually every lender and top mortgage broker in the country. RateSpy.com’s proprietary technology scans thousands of mortgage websites multiple times a day so you know exactly where to find the best deals.

Unlike other rate comparison sites, we don’t ignore providers who don’t pay us. We list the lowest rates from all reputable sources so you don’t need to look elsewhere.

The Spy’s mission is to be:

  • 100% transparent
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  • The leader in comparing Canadian mortgage rates.

How to Search the Lowest Mortgage Rates

The biggest mistake borrowers make is focusing on the lowest rate when they should be looking for the best rate. There’s a difference. The best rate is the one that entails the least cost of borrowing. It factors in the upfront interest cost, all fees and closing costs, the penalty for breaking the mortgage early, portability privileges, refinance restrictions, prepayment rights, the option to borrow more before maturity, flexibility in blending the rate, rate conversion features and so on.

Before settling on any mortgage you see here, remember that contract flexibility can save you far more than a small rate difference. Pick up the phone or email the mortgage broker or lender and have them compare their rate against the competition. Smart spies know the devil is in the fine print.

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Diamonds are forever but romance isn't always. A necessary reminder from @jessysbains about not taking the structure of parental gifts for granted when you've got a significant other. (Infographic via @StatCan_eng) https://t.co/S0R8tcBK1S

@xelan_gta OTBE, moving from today's rates to 1% thirty-year rates and a 3% qualification rate (let alone 1% qualification rate) would be indisputably supportive of prices.

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