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Spend Until We Bend

—The Mortgage Report: Nov. 30— Trudeau’s government said Monday that it plans to lift Canada’s debt ceiling by up to 57% as it embarks on record spending and deficits in the name of pandemic relief. Canada’s historic deficit just keeps on climbing. It’s now estimated at $381.6 billion for the current fiscal year, up from $343.2 billion this summer and...

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A New Interest-Only Mortgage from Meridian

—The Mortgage Report: Oct. 15— Canada has had interest-only home financing for decades, the most popular type being the HELOC. But it’s hard to find a mainstream lender selling an interest-only mortgage. That’s partly what makes Meridian Credit Union’s new Hybrid mortgage interesting. The Meridian Hybrid is a traditional mortgage and interest-only (I/O) loan in one. It lets someone with...

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