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Late Breaking News from OSFI on its New Stress Test

Important Clarifications… Here’s more of what you need to know about the new stress test rules, straight from the regulator: On the Need to Act Now 25.6% of uninsured mortgages originated between July and December 2020 had a “qualified TDS” above 43%, OSFI says. 44% is the limit, and for a healthy market you really want to see that number...

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OSFI Resumes Its Stress Test Review

For those who think the 4.79% minimum qualifying rate (mortgage “stress test” rate) is too strict, here’s a breaking update. Tweaks to the often-criticized “stress test” are back on the table. OSFI said today that it “will resume its policy work on the minimum qualifying rate for uninsured mortgages by issuing a new consultation tomorrow at noon (ET).” “OnJanuary 24,...

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The Mortgage Stress Test Loosens Up

Effective this week, it gets a little easier to buy a house or refinance. On Saturday, BMO and CIBC shaved 15 basis points off their posted 5-year fixed rates. That’s enough to drop the benchmark 5-year posted rate to 4.79%. Given regulators use this benchmark rate to calculate Canada’s minimum mortgage stress test, today’s cuts mean you’ll now need less...

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Canada’s Stress-Test Rate Falls. First Time in Three Years.

The most important rate in the mortgage industry has dropped. Better late than never. The benchmark posted 5-year fixed rate has fallen from 5.34% to 5.19%. It’s the firstchange since May 9, 2018. And it’s the first decrease since Sept. 7, 2016, despite a 106-basis-point nosedive in Canada’s 5-year bond rate since November 8. Why it Matters The benchmark rate...

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TD’s Mortgage Rate Gambit

Confusion and angst. That’s what TD caused with its 45-basis-point 5-year posted rate hike on Friday. But as it turns out, no other banks matched it, at least not yet. Unless you’re a TD customer,the bank’s gambit should have limited ill effects. Status Quo with the Stress Test TD’s monster move had no impact on themortgage qualifying rate(MQR) this week,...

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