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Don’t Time Mortgage Rates. How to Time Mortgage Rates

Lest you think too many mimosas at Sunday brunch impacted our headline choices today, fear not. As long-time readers can attest, we don’t hype interest rate timing around here. Guessing rate direction beyond the short term can be like guessing solar flare intensity. It ain’t easy. Professional economists with big fat salaries botch rate predictions for a living. Yet, many...

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One-Year Mortgages Edge Closer to 1%

Not One and Done If you’re going to gamble on a short-term rate, you could do a lot worse than 1.29%. On a contract rate basis, that’s the lowest fixed mortgage rate Canada has ever seen. And it’s probably not done dropping yet. This latest one-year offer is available in select provinces and applies to high-ratio and insurable mortgages up...

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Canada’s Newest Fixed-rate Record: 1.39%

—The Mortgage Report: Aug. 27— Closer to Free Money Never on record has a fixed-mortgage contract rate undershot 1.40% in Canada, until Thursday. This one-year fixed offer launched exclusively on and it’s one more sign of the times. A sign that markets expect no significant boost in rates for as far as the eye can see. Just 18 months...

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