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Wednesday’s Historic Events Nudge Rates Higher

The Mortgage Report: Jan. 6, 2021 U.S. 5-year yields leaped to a 7-week high on Wednesday as Democrats took control of all three houses of government, thanks to their historic win in Georgia. Canada’s 5-year yield rose in sympathy by a less notable 2 bps, but economists nonetheless expect more of an incline in rates this year. The reason: Democrats...

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Too Close to Call

The Latest on Canadian Mortgage Rates: Election 2020 —10:33 p.m. Update— Biden is just 6 electoral votes from victory, reports AP. It’s never over till it’s over, but thus far election 2020 doesn’t look like a threat to mortgage rates. Yields have trended lower, suggesting that borrowing costs in Canada won’t be adversely impacted like they were after Trump’s 2016...

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