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HELOC Risk is Rising, Suggests the FCAC: New Stats

Most consumers are underinformed about HELOCs. 27% of HELOC holders are only making interest-only payments most/all of the time. Too many HELOC holders may be using them to overspend. Those were key findings from today’sFinancial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) report on HELOCs. HELOCs have been the single-biggest contributor to rising non-mortgage household debt over the past 15 years—”more than...

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Shady Mortgage Specialist Practices: FCAC Report

Let’s be clear on one thing. Most bank mortgage specialists are good people who do the right thing. Then, there are the other kind. Consumer watchog, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada, is targeting those reps with a cautionary critique of mortgage sales practices at the big banks. The agency is worried that banks may be placing “sales ahead of...

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HELOCs: The Next Lending Crackdown?

HELOC balances appear to be surging at their fastest pace in five years—even faster than mortgages, reports Bloomberg. That’s got ever-vigilant regulators raising an eyebrow. And it’s got certain lenders we talk to expecting HELOCs to be the next area of mortgage rule tightening. Under the Microscope Currently, 2 in 5 secured residential loans in this country (roughly 3 million)...

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