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New Tool for Monitoring Mortgage Rates

“What’s the lowest rate?” is one of those questions you can’t answer with one number. There are just too many factors that determine the rate someone pays. You have to ask more questions, like: How much equity do you have? Are you purchasing a home, refinancing, or just switching lenders? What term do you prefer? What province are you in?...

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Getting Past the Next Three Months

The bad news: COVID cases have exploded, hospitalization numbers are surging and most people may be slow to get vaccinated. The good news: the fatality rate is dropping and vaccine distribution could start next month. The question is, which news will the bond market pay more attention to? Our guess is the latter. Black swans aside, markets often discount major...

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Canada’s Newest Fixed-rate Record: 1.39%

—The Mortgage Report: Aug. 27— Closer to Free Money Never on record has a fixed-mortgage contract rate undershot 1.40% in Canada, until Thursday. This one-year fixed offer launched exclusively on RateSpy.com and it’s one more sign of the times. A sign that markets expect no significant boost in rates for as far as the eye can see. Just 18 months...

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