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RBC Boosts Fixed Rates

The Mortgage Report: March 3 “Interest rate risk could rise if the economy outperforms expectations,” said RBC Economics on Tuesday, as the bank raised three of its special fixed rates: 3yr: 2.19% to 2.24% 4yr: 2.09% to 2.29% 5yr: 2.04% to 2.24% That leaves just CIBC with advertised 5-year fixed rates under 2.00%. But advertised and reality are two different...

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Tangerine Now Leads the Uninsured Mortgage Market on Several Rates

Tangerine has ratcheted up its competitiveness. For non-default insured mortgages, it is suddenly the national leader on four fixed terms: 2-year fixed at 1.64% 3-year fixed at 1.59% (lowest refi rate in the country) 4-year fixed at 1.69%, and 10-year fixed at 2.14%. These are exceptional rates for uninsured mortgages (which include refinances and purchases over $1 million), particularly if...

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Tangerine’s 10-year Fixed Rate Smashes Record

—The Mortgage Report: Nov. 23— Bond yields stopped falling three months ago but that hasn’t stopped Tangerine from launching one sweet 10-year special. If you: think the economy will turn around in 2021, and think rates are near a medium-term (or longer) bottom, and want maximum protection from future rate increase, thenTangerine’s new 10-year fixed rate might just check your...

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A New Low for 5-year Refinance Rates

—The Mortgage Report: Sept. 15— Never before has Canada seen an uninsured 5-year fixed nationally advertised for 1.84%. But on Tuesday we saw it, courtesy of Tangerine. At 1.84%, Tangerine’s rate is now just 4 basis points above the lowest nationally advertised uninsured variable rate. As usual, you’ll find even lower default-insured and insurable 5-year fixed offers if you shop...

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Tangerine Slashes its HELOC Rate

Banks seldom offer HELOCs for less than prime rate, unless it’s a short-term teaser rate. But suddenly we have two online banks selling HELOCs at discounts to prime. The latest is Tangerine. On Friday,Tangerine lopped 75 basis points off its HELOC rate — cutting it from prime + 0.65% (where it’s been for years) to prime – 0.10%, or 3.85%....

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