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Invest or Prepay Your Mortgage?

—The Mortgage Report: July 9— Play Stocks or Play it Safe?: That’s a common question for otherwise debt-free mortgagors with nothing else to do with their money. It’s not a question we can answer for everyone, given all the personal variables to consider. But here’s an interesting look at what might have happened had you got a standard mortgage 10...

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Rates to Stay Low as Jobs Won’t Recover for a Decade: CBO

—The Mortgage Report: July 3— Long Road Back for Jobs: Avid rate watchers all want to know the same thing: how long will unemployment stay elevated? The answer to that is essential to knowing how long rates could remain in a trough. On Thursday, we got a sobering projection from a reputable source. The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says...

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The “News is Getting Better” Edition

Daily Mortgage Report – May 8 Unemployment Surprise: Unemployment is a key determinant of home prices. And while it may seem hard to put a record 2 million lost jobs (StatsCan’s estimate for April) in a positive light, when economists were predicting double that amount, it’s a relief. Canada’s unemployment rate surged to 13%, near the highest in modern data...

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