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The Bank of Canada Countdown

A feeling or state of nervousness or excitement caused by wondering what will happen. That’s the definition of suspense. And that’s what the financial community is feeling right now about Wednesday’s Bank of Canada rate meeting. Will “ThePoloz” chop the overnight rate in half, from 0.50% to 0.25%? Or will he stickin “wait and see” mode, and hope thedevalued loonie...

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Don’t Fear the Rate Blip

It’s been sixwhole days since RBC unexpectedlyhiked mortgage rates, encouraging aherd of banks to follow its lead. But my oh my,how things can change in just oneweek. Interest rates outside the mortgage market haveplummeted and rates areabout to change…again. That’s got many thinking RBC’s rate hikes were just a blip (at least for fixed rates). If you’re a mortgage shopper,...

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The Fed Moves

Here are five things to know about Wednesday’s1/4% U.S. rate hike: It’s over and done with, and it’s about time. Talking heads haveyacked about the start of Fed tighteningfor years now. Meanwhile, the big event finally happened yesterdayand bond yields (which guidefixed mortgage rates) barely moved. Yes, the Fed’s actionscould push up Canadian long-term rates somewhat,out ofsympathy alone. But ultimately...

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Mortgage Briefs – Down Payments & Rates

As we turn the page on 2015, get ready for a host of new mortgage trends inthe next 12 months.We’ll seenew down payment rules, moretalk of negative interest rates, and surprising moves withbond yields. Analysts are already making their predictions on how mortgage shoppers will be affected.Here’s a glimpse of what they’re saying now: On Higher Down Payments Lastweek the...

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